PAPAGO trophy

Racing categories being offered in 2020.

Solo Categories:

Solo Men, Solo Women, Singlespeed Men, Singlespeed Women.

Duo (2-person) Team Categories:

DUO Male, DUO Female, DUO Co-ed.

Two Person Junior Boys, Two Person Junior Girls. (Junior categories are restricted to age 12-15).

Quad (4-person) Team Categories:

QUAD Male, QUAD Female, and QUAD Co-ed.

No racing license is required to participate.

Event-t-shirt, HAMMER NUTRITION schwag bag,  included with your entry fee.


How will we count laps? All we care about is how many total laps you and/or your team do. TEAMS – We don’t care who rides which lap or in what order this all happens. Each rider on a team must complete one lap to qualify for results. For the co-ed teams, the female rider(s) must complete a least one lap during the six hours. You may choose to ignore this rule and ride as many laps as you like, but your co-ed team will not be eligible for awards.BlueWolf-Events-Papago-6-Hour-MEDAL-2send_10_19