Results link, and Photos Want race photos? Link coming soon from Action Media. Thank you all for a great 2018 – what a super start to the mountain bike race season. Thinking about the  2019 date – we are – Saturday January 5, 2019.    

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Action Media and Race Rules

Race Rules are posted on the site – check them out. A couple of important reminders: Racers will be required to dismount and WALK your bike through the tunnel – in both directions. Safety first – last year several racers abused the privilege of riding through the tunnel by riding at excessive speed.  A few […]

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Tinker and PAPAGO

Tinker has chosen Papago to kick-off his mountain bike race season – how about you? If one of the best-ever can race in early January in Tempe – maybe you can too? Maybe not ready for 6 hours solo – put together a duo team. How about a sweet upgrade to your registration fee? Check […]

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