Soundbite and Carlos O’Briens

Check SOUNDBITE out. Through music, story, and food, Soundbite creates engaging community experiences. Soundbite’s attention grabbing presence attracts audiences through broadcast music or  live entertainment on Soundbite’s performance stage or events broadcasted from the stage.  Soundbite’s fully equipped recording studio is the perfect place to capture stories and attendee sentiment. Rounding out the experience, event visitors enjoy delectable cuisine from Soundbite’s fully equipped kitchen. Soundbite is a project sponsored by your public radio stations, KJZZ and K-BACH,  whose mission is to assure the future vitality and excellence of public radio within Maricopa County.


Also, stoked to bring on Carlos O’Brien’s – who will be providing snacks, beverages and a light lunch to those who upgrade their race registration ($60.00 add-on) to the PAPAGO 6 Experience p/b VR7.

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Sweatshirt 2019 (Experience Hoodie will not be WHITE – it will be Carolina BLUE)