Action Media and Race Rules

Race Rules are posted on the site – check them out. A couple of important reminders:

  1. Racers will be required to dismount and WALK your bike through the tunnel – in both directions. Safety first – last year several racers abused the privilege of riding through the tunnel by riding at excessive speed.  A few ruined it for all – you know who you are.
  2. Racers RIDING their bike have the right-of-way over racers WALKING their bikes. Seems like common sense, but particularly this year when we have a large number of junior racers who may be walking some sections – just a reminder.
  3. Mass start by category – meaning we will send solos, then 5 minutes later duo teams. We want the first lap to be as clean as possible.
  4. Solo and Team Alley is BEFORE the finish line this year – as we are running the course in opposite direction. That means be super careful when entering and riding through this area. Site plan is posted 2018 PAPAGO SITE PLAN
  5. Finally, Thank You!

Action Media_color_sq.png

We are excited to have Action Media on-site providing images to racers – for a fee. We will post the link to purchase your photo right after the event on Monday January 8.


The neutral feed under the Mill Ave bridge will be amply stocked with HAMMER energy gels, and HEED (electrolyte replacement powder) plus limited bulk water. Self serve…..if you are not a HAMMER person then bring your own nutrition and fluids.