Change is good

Saturday January  7 details have been added for the kick-off to the Arizona mountain bike race season. Permit restrictions have forced us to update the race format to SIX Hours in the Papago. Yes, six (6) hours….which we believe makes this a great early season mountain bike race for all. Categories have been modified a bit to reflect the shorter duration – we will offer Solo Men, Solo Women, and Duo teams. That’s it…simple and straightforward so you can just focus on ring your bike and putting some good base miles in just after the New Year.

New start time: 9:00 AM…last rider allowed out at 3:00 PM.

It’s all about laps – he/she/team that completes the most laps in six hours – wins. Awards will go five deep. Duo coed team? Sure, but you will not be scored separately, and the female team member must complete at least one lap in the six hour duration of the race.

Over the course of the last year SRP , removed the bridge we used to cross the canal before we reached McDowell….so we are currently modifying the traditional lap to a new-for-2017 lap. Same distance – about 7 miles…, in six hours of pinning it, you might complete 8-9 laps.

Set-up is the same as it has always been. there will be a designated “Solo Alley”. No set-up allowed on Friday – set-up your spot beginning Saturday January 7 at 6:00 AM.

We are excited to partner with Bicycle Ranch for packet pick-up, and event day neutral support.

SRAM is on-board for 2017 – look for raffle prizes and some schwag on event day.

Registration is open – register here. Registration includes 6 hours of fun, and an event t-shirt and a food coupon for AZ Barbeque. Memories – both good and bad – are free! Due to some changes in requirements for providing adult beverages, there will not be a beer garden in 2017. Bring your own if you are so inclined.

 Facebook for events updates.




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